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Also, I think that you can pre-sell books on Kindle now, too.

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This would very likely bring me more than a million dollars. I live in Korea, and Kakao talk is used even in business. We exchange it with employees from other companies. No one lives without it in Korea. It would send me back a list of the stocks in their accounts.

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Then on day 30 said trojan would put in market sell orders for every stock on every computer making the market crash. Meanwhile I would short all the stocks and clean up. Since success leaves a foot print, it would make sense to model someone who has already accomplished this. I think the key to this one would be to try multiple strategies at once. If I had 3 friends to help me, that would be 4 people total working on this.

Every guy would then employ several virtual assistants based on our starting budget. One guy would start cramming info on real estate: numbers, the local market, local buyers and sellers, local deals, fastest way to get a return on a deal with as little money down as possible. By the end of the month he should have flipped as much real estate as he could get his hands on. The second guy would be I charge of setting up online courses to promote through Clickbank and other affiliate sites.

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Impact Theory | Igniting Human Potential

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As I have come to know, respect, and admire him, he has impressed me as the quintessential street-smart executive. He has built a billion-dollar business from scratch in less than twenty years.

He seldom deals in written contracts because his word is his bond. He has always made his own breaks. And his principal business, which is oil speculation, relies on his constant process of seeing opportunities where no one else does and taking advantage of them. In other words, Rafael Tudela is a genius at taking the edge. One of the best illustrations of this —of how he has the facts, knows what people want, and figures out a way to give it to them- is the story of how he got in the oil business in the fist place.

In the mid s, Tudela owned a glass manufacturing company in Caracas, but, a petroleum engineer by training, he longed to be in the oil business. When he — a glass manufacturer operating alone with no previous connections or experience in the oil business- got to Argentina, he discovered his competition was formidable: British Petroleum and Shell Oil. But feeling around a little bit he also discovered something else: Argentina had an oversupply of beef which they were desperately trying to sell. Tudela then flew to Spain, where a major shipyard was about to close down from lack of work.

It was a political hot potato and an extremely sensitive issue for the Spanish government. Once again he had found the edge and taken it. There are so many errors in this story it aint even funny. The best way to make money is to know something nobody or VERY few other people know.

Then this will work. I will have to go back to what I suggested in a previous post about creating an effective SaaS tool for big corporate CRM databases. But the only caveat to this is that it would have to serve other parts of the firm that is utilizing this tool; something other than CRM.

I was talking to a programmer about building testimonial collecting software for my other business BUT now I am partnering with the programmer and we are creating a SaaS version as per my original post that will generate more sales on your website with testimonials. For everyone who is posting an idea on how they can make a million bucks this month.

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Take Action! Also, specialized lawyer-websites. Maybe even Reddit… I would do a webinar or two as well.