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Korean 2. Finnish 1. Show reviews that mention. All reviews steak salad fries cornish hen pistachio ice cream tournedos half lobster macaroons pineapple gambas salmon bread death by chocolate anne frank house black angus catch of the day soup of the day. Selected filters. Updating list Date of visit: July Thank joeg. Reviewed 1 week ago Good Food and Service. Date of visit: June Thank lekud. Reviewed 1 week ago A Dutch Steakhouse. Thank lerowe Reviewed 2 weeks ago via mobile Angus Burger. Thank cpenny Reviewed 2 weeks ago via mobile Good meat, but who serves Bavaria beer with it? Thank angelikafoik.

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Thank Shanij View more reviews. Previous Next 1 2 3 4 5 6 … Closest at hand are the Royal Palace, the quaint shops of Haalremmerdijk, the pedestrianized zones Kalverstraat and Dam Square with popular neighborhoods such as the Red Light District, and the Canal Ring Nearby Hotels See all nearby hotels. Nearby Restaurants See all 4, nearby restaurants. Nearby Attractions See all 2, nearby attractions.

See all nearby hotels See all 4, nearby restaurants See all 2, nearby attractions. See all. See all 7 questions. Now pursued by the extensive cabal of officers, she makes it to a convenience store where a childhood friend, Mouse Tyrese Gibson , reluctantly helps her patch herself up. The filmmakers, though, deploy such hammy racism mostly to undermine it. While Black and Blue indulges some of the worst stereotypes about black poverty, the dehumanizing practices of the police are portrayed as the truly pernicious social force.

What follows is a fun, if muddled, climax that upends some of the expectations set by the bulk of the film. And while it settles in a place that offers a less probing critique of the status quo than its makers might be intending, its over-the-top climax provides a brief, cathartic release from the real-world issues its story raises. It focuses equally on moments of shared connection and incidental loss until the two feel indistinguishable. Do hands have memories? He feels adrift, barely present in a world that seems only to have harsh words and unhappiness for him.

People and objects loom above it, its digits taking up wide swaths of the frame as they cling with insect-like precision to boxes or hold a microphone in their grip.

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The metaphor at the heart of the film seems deceptively obvious: disconnection from the world and other people, literalized through a hand severed from its rightful body. Through images of loneliness, as in a wooden igloo cobbled together on a rooftop, I Lost My Body builds an atmosphere of isolation and, above all, uncertainty.

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His infatuation with Gabrielle Victoire Du Bois , initially so stirring as they close their eyes to listen to the rain and the wind from separate ends of an apartment intercom, goes in a few stalkerish directions. She rejects him for being a creep, and Naofel ironically comes to find fulfillment not in a relationship, as he had hoped, but in the woodworking he initially took up only to impress Gabrielle. T he moral morass of the George W. Bush era is surveyed and scrutinized in writer-director Scott Z. Burns even manages to slightly best his mentor with his second solo feature. Yet Daniel mostly remains a cipher, a human enigma attempting, with Sisyphean effort, to expose and unravel the most sadistic and inhumane institutional practices.

And it helps, at least initially, that Driver is so good at conveying a total single-mindedness. Burns is clearly reappropriating and remixing cinematic lessons learned from Alan J. Archival footage of many of the big names in the torture debate such as Dubya and Dick Cheney is peppered throughout. Elsewhere, Maura Tierney and Michael C.

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Hall, as a pair of ideologically adaptable bureaucrats, headline the sections of the decade-plus narrative that detail the nitty gritty of the enhanced interrogation program, waterboarding most definitely included. Cinematographer Eigil Bryld shoots these latter sequences with a sickly green-orange tinge that one supposes is meant to convey ethical queasiness.

Whereas the scenes featuring Jones and his team poring over papers and presenting their findings to functionaries in various stages of outrage or not tend toward the icy blues or the ultra-high-def neutrality of a David Fincher production. Ever-shifting color temperatures aside, The Report is rarely stimulating.

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Its conscious detachment from the events it portrays proves not so much analytical as noncommittal. Burns Screenwriter: Scott Z. Still one of the great comic-book movies in that it approximates the actual tactile act of reading and flipping through a magazine, ideally on a rainy Saturday afternoon with a can of soda by your side.

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The film straddles an ideal line between straight-faced seriousness and parody, particularly in the unnerving climax of a story in which we can hear the pained gurgling of aquatic zombies. Speaking of the monster, the movie has one of the great wolf designs, which suggests a huge, bitter, upstanding bear with a terrifying snout. The human identity of the creature is a great, characteristically blasphemous King twist. Five years after her career-making performance in Misery , Kathy Bates returned to Stephen King territory with Dolores Claiborne , which, like the book, disappointed nearly everyone for not being a typical horror story, instead combining the traditions of martyred-woman melodrama with gothic mystery.

Yes, the film is behaviorally broad, but this broadness is utilized by the reliably underrated director, Taylor Hackford, as a form of catharsis. Merely tacking an affirmation of immigrant rights onto a familiar Christmas narrative about selflessness requires little more than an evocation of a general Slavic-ness about the characters. Currently homeless, she travels with a roller suitcase from crash pad to crash pad, drinking heavily, bringing home one-night stands, and openly flirting with customers at work.

Kate is employed full time at a Christmas shop in London whose wisecracking owner Michelle Yeoh goes by the name Santa. We only learn what happened to Kate when she reveals the scar from an operation to Tom Henry Golding , the beautiful, saintly man she begins seeing after finding him bird-watching outside the Christmas shop.

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Kate loves George Michael—one imagines she feels a bond with the late singer, the son of a Balkan immigrant himself, though the filmmakers leave this unexplored—and thus Last Christmas attempts to remake some of his most well-known songs into seasonally appropriate tunes. Such films, though, earned their Christmas miracles and holiday moralizing by grounding their stories in a sense of the community created by bonds between fully realized characters.

Emmerich, a latter-day heir to the cinema-as-spectacle tradition of Cecil B. DeMille, employs special effects in Midway not to induce a sense of you-are-there verisimilitude, nor to exhilarate audiences with a series of death-defying stunts. In addition to the Battle of Midway, the film depicts the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo, and other skirmishes in the Pacific during WWII, and these sequences, so bathed in honeyed sunlight, exude a sense of wide-eyed gee-whiz glee: all the fun of battle with none of the icky gore.

He lives in Los Angeles. Kanpp portrayed one of the lead roles, "Jonah Breck" in the science-fiction thriller The Signal.