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Comparing the book and movie can make for interesting discussions. Which did they prefer? Did the movie stay true to the book? Which characters or details were left out of the movie? Did it still work?

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Is that how they envisioned the characters and the setting? Would they have cast the movie differently? You get the idea.

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All movies are PG unless otherwise noted. But as the pair grapples with their personal inadequacies, their own relationship slowly begins to unravel. Will she ever move on past this perfect night, or will she stay in this moment forever? Sala After a passenger plane goes down in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, a woman finds herself washed ashore and the sole survivor on a mysterious island where she faces her worst fear.

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The game is one of the most memorable sporting events in the civil rights movement. It served as a vehicle to challenge racial segregation in athletics and helped to forever change college basketball and advance civil rights in this country. Her dreams come true, at first, until she gives birth to a daughter who looks nothing like her current beautiful self, causing the vicious cycle to begin again.

Moritz and Tania Landau producing. He is a proud alum of the Sundance Episodic Lab. Arnold When a high profile news host is kidnapped by a deranged fan with ties to an extremist group, a young reporter finds herself at the heart of a conspiracy that has it sites set on assassinating the party-unifying candidate in line to become the next President of the United States. Think Michael Clayton meets Gone Girl. However, she soon discovers that the family is keeping a deadly secret as the action crescendos into a demented game of hide-and seek where the stakes are life and death.

Based on actual events. This is the story of how oddball internet reporter Matt Drudge broke the Lewinsky Scandal, and nearly took down a presidency, all from a desktop computer in his one-bedroom apartment in Hollywood. Among several other film projects in the works, he is currently writing a screenplay with Mike Judge. RED SALVADOR by Ariel Heller Set against the austere backdrop of pig-hunting in modern day Hawaii, an unlikely bond is formed when an orphaned wild piglet takes shelter in the back yard of a grieving couple, leading to a series of emotional journeys and consequences for man and pig alike.

COBWEB by Chris Thomas Devlin Peter has always been told the voice he hears at night is only in his head, but when he suspects his parents have been lying, he conspires to free the girl within the walls of his house. He now splits his time between LA and New York. Doyle, Melissa Darmand, Sara Nestor. Soon thereafter, an exclusive internship sweeps him into the world of being young and out in New York City and into a new life that will challenge his friendship and the life he once knew. WENDI by Amy Wang When an ambitious girl from the slums of China manipulates her way into marriage with a media tycoon, she becomes one of the most powerful women in the Western world.

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This is the story of Wendi Deng, second wife of Rupert Murdoch. Secrets and lies come to the surface, jeopardizing both relationships in the process. Boston A small town in the Pacific Northwest gets turned upside down when a missing girl returns home, preaching about the coming of the apocalypse.


A wry look at the horror of American teenage existence. She has the ability to turn any normal daily occurrence into a horror story. She is a big fan of fake gore, but is afraid of real needles and will avoid them at all costs.

BILL GATES by Justin Kremer An inexperienced and idealistic something finds himself at the center of the largest anti-trust suit in modern American history when his idol, billionaire behemoth Bill Gates, wages war against his young internet company. But friend break-ups are basically impossible. Inspired by the true violent history of the famed Cascade Mountain Range. He carries many titles such as screenwriter, special needs educator, and box office columnist for Roadmap Writers. Dixie is a badass freedom fighter, sent back from to kill him before he takes over the world and ruins the future.

In high school, she was cast in many theater productions - usually in a main role. She began taking computer classes computers were new then! She worked there until her retirement several years ago. She is survived by Beau, Harley, Jane and Michelle. She also loved to cook and was very gifted in baking and candy making. She loved to enter her goodies in county fairs and the State Fair, where she won many ribbons. She was particularly proud of her accomplishments in winning every ribbon available in the Gerry Frank Chocolate Cake Contest - including the coveted blue ribbon.

Margret was also known as the Candy Lady, and started preparing sweets in October for her Christmas gifts of candy for family and friends. She also loved collecting rocks and crystals, rings, earrings, hats and dragons. Margret loved photography and liked to enter photos in the State Fair. She produced a yearly calendar at Christmas for family and friends using her photos and marked every day of the year with a different event.

The Oregon Coast was one of her favorite subjects, but in her later years she was unable to go there very often due to health problems. Margret enjoyed working on her computer and sewing too. She enjoyed plants and gardening, and redid her garden herself, including digging a fish pond; the garden was styled after an English garden. No services are planned.

The Hougham family lived in Mt.

Angel for more than 15 years before moving to Salem in In , Dolores married the love of her life, Herb Johnsrud. Dolores worked for Moore Business Forms for nearly 30 years before retiring in Herb preceded Dolores in death in , though now, as promised, they will be together again. She is survived by many nieces, nephews, and friends who loved her dearly. Dolores requested no funeral be held after her death, and will be laid to rest alongside Herb at the Mount Crest Abbey Mausoleum in Salem, Oregon. She also leaves behind her brother Allen Boles, and his wife Kathy, her sister Annie Shreckengost and her husband Rod.

Donna settled in Salem, Oregon, and lived there for the past 25 years. She then became an employee with the Oregon Department of Transportation and worked there for the last sixteen years where she compiled vehicle crash data for analysis.

She was active in the Service Employees International Union, where she served and even became Shop Steward for a time. She was a friend to many co-workers and welcomed them to stop by her house on the holidays for egg-nog, cookies, and socializing. Donna had a strong and deeply personal relationship with God, and her Lord Jesus Christ.

She would devote time every Sunday to worship and pray and exercise her faith. She attended several churches over the years, but always eager to learn more about what greatness the Lord had for her!

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And now, she no longer has to wait. Donna was a child of God, a loving wife, mother, and grandmother who braved adversity. She was a woman who knew in her heart that she had a perfect place prepared for her in the kingdom to come. Linda passed on March 14th, in Salem, OR.

  • The Surprising Adventures of the Magical Monarch of Mo and His People (Illustrated Edition).
  • Forced Migration in Central and Eastern Europe, 1939-1950;
  • Dr. Seuss' The Lorax.

Linda found her joy in spending time with her family, especially her grandchildren. She was an accomplished business owner, a member of the American Legion. She loved spending time at the beach and listening to the music of Elvis. Loved playing softball, going antiquing, and give life advice to those who needed it.

She will forever be loved and live in our hearts with many wondeful memories to keep her spirit alive. Kenneth L Cunningham, Sr. Kenneth was born October 3, in Loma Linda, California. He served honorably in the United States Navy. Ken was a flooring contractor for many years and enjoyed a reputation as being one of the best and hardest working in the Salem area.

He is survived by three sons; Kenneth Jr. Ken will be laid to rest with military honors at Willamette National Cemetery in Portland at 10 am on Friday, March 22, The family is also planning a gathering at pm the same day at Church St. SE, Salem, OR. She married Pat Wilson on October 15, , and that union created four beautiful children; a son, Joseph, and three daughters, Debbie, Joyce, and Diana. After finishing her education, she went to work for The State of Oregon. Her role helping families in need was a perfect fit for her soft heart and care giving nature.