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Preorder for Signings. Privacy Policy. Newsletter Sign Up. I am often asked by men about writing erotica. Let me rephrase that.

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I am often approached by men who are interested in writing an erotic book. Let's remember, for a quick moment, the 1 rule of writing: Write What You Know. And, there are some interesting exceptions: First exception to the rule: Are you gay? Second exception to the rule: Are you sex on a stick? Third exception to the rule: You are ridiculously talented.

Good luck and write on! Hugs, Alessandra. One person might find a given piece of erotica the most insanely hot thing they've ever read, while someone else will find the same piece completely boring or gross. It just depends on what gets a given person going.

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Biggest questions to bear in mind about your target audience:. Are you writing "vanilla" smut or focusing on kinks and fetishes? In other words would someone into one given kink in your piece also enjoy, or at least be neutral about, another given kink in the same piece? Don't discount the importance of basic good writing irrespective of the erotic content.

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A couple of nights ago I found some erotica that was right up my alley in terms of content and the kinks explored On the other hand I've read lots of beautifully written erotica that just didn't get my gears spinning because I wasn't into the characters and activities. That's not a criticism of the erotica though.

I just wasn't the right target audience, and again that really matters with erotica. Similarly a woman is unlikely to spend minutes contemplating the dripping precum on the throbbing member. How do their bodies feel? What are they experiencing emotionally? Are they focused on the act, or distracted? The key is to go beyond the deed itself, otherwise it's just like rubbing rocks against each other.

And that's not very hot. I assume by good erotica you mean sexy?

A Closet of One’s Own: Outing the Women of Gay Erotica — PETRIe

If so, here are some things to keep in mind:. Sex scenes are only as good as the people involved. I often read works where the characters are nicely fleshed out, but between the sheets they suddenly lose their personalities and become porn stars.

What turns men on won’t work for women.

The sex should be unique to the characters involved, and have it's own flavour. Use the element of surprise! Surprise can be sexy. Maybe things don't go according to plan, or the characters find something new they both like a lot. Be original. Just make sure they're not going through the motions like they're ticking off a list, because that's boring. Sex requires two people at least lol. The man shouldn't be doing all the work, and the lady shouldn't be making all the noise. There should be a push and pull. Speaking of, don't forget tension. There has to be a passion, urgency, hunger, ect.

Like a rubber band being stretched apart. This leads us to buildup.

Buildup is necessary to prevent a reader's interest from plateauing, or worse, fizzling out. Start slow, and then pick up the pace until the literal climax is reached. Foreplay is your friend! This is how you set the scene and the mood.

Too many male authors leave this part out, even though it's vital for creating a strong connection and attraction between the characters. This is also a good time to prepare. Preparation is a must. Otherwise someone's gonna get hurt, if you know what I mean. The characters are different people, so they have different preferences and different goals for what they want to get out of it. Is one of them looking for a quickie, while the other likes to just chill?

Does one see sex as an outlet for stress, while the other sees sex as a bonding experience?


In the same line of thought, they cannot read each other's minds. If some strange position is involved, there's no way they're gonna get into place without communication. Use all five senses. This will paint a more vivid picture. Some guys only mention sight like it's porn or something. It's all in the details!

The best way to portray an intensity and closeness is by zooming in, and not just on the mechanics.

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Mills & Bone: A Short Story About Sex (For Men)

Details like hot breath, knuckles whitening, and thighs brushing makes the writing ten times hotter. Use the proper vocabulary. Don't be vulgar. Don't be weird. A SFW example: stomach vs tummy. Using the wrong words can squick the reader out or make them burst out laughing which ruins the mood. A lot like caricatures, IMO Anyway another part of this I hardly ever see mentioned, is the idea that men can be turned on by anything other than porn I dunno, the Sports Illustrated cover girls? Thanks for your response. I think it perfectly illustrates the other side of the same coin.