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Histoire du suffrage universel , Paris, Gallimard, Scott, La Citoyenne paradoxale. Applaudissements nourris, bons sondages. Elle sort. Arrive Mme Nicole Pasquier. Le public se lasse. Enfin un vrai ministre! Adler en , Les Femmes politiques… , op. Adler, Les Femmes… , op. Knibiehler dir.

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Jane Freedman, Femmes politiques. Adler, Les femmes… , op. Giroud, On ne peut pas… , op.

This paper analyses the behaviour of the actors involved in a participatory housing project whose social design is determined primarily by top-down requirements and deep-rooted societal traditions. Abstract This paper examines the legacy of Robert Owen — in the British left, between mythicization and unresolved conflicting interpretations. The views on society and the economy contained in the program reflect the established ideas characteristic of the professional circles in which the economists involved in developing the program were active.

Abstract The concepts of corporate citizen and corporate citizenship are economic utopias that challenge traditional ideas about business enterprises. The traditional representation is rooted in an economic ideology in which business autonomy is legitimated by efficiency and a mercantile political project in which the common good depends on the self-interests of the individual actors. The trend in favour of social responsibility has renewed this representation by suggesting that the enterprise must not only pursue its own interests or those of its shareholders , but also take into consideration the interests of other stakeholders and society at large.

In the latest variation of this trend, the concepts of corporate citizen and corporate citizenship diverge even more sharply from the traditional representation of the business enterprise. By using the vocabulary of citizenship, they promote the enterprise to the rank of political actor, thereby eliminating the boundary between the economic world, in which rationality, efficiency and perfection dominate, and the political world, marked by debate and contingent choices.

Yet while giving enterprises a formal, legitimate political role, the corporate citizenship trend neglects their influence on public policies and remains closed to critical analysis.

1974-1981 : les débuts de la féminisation de l’exécutif

In fact, by equating an enterprise with a political actor, the corporate citizenship representation of the business enterprise obscures the issues involved in regulating an economic society having democratic pretensions. Abstract This paper investigates the emergence and development of social entrepreneurship in France by analysing the activities of the members of the Mouvement des Entrepreneurs sociaux Mouves. How do they see the world?

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  • Axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum) in der Schule (German Edition);
  • What tensions do their discourse and practices create among representatives of the social economy in France? In other words, the paper examines how the way that Mouves members deal with social entrepreneurship issues helps renew discourse and practices within the social economy, and especially among associations, in a context of reconfiguring the action of the social state. Abstract Among contemporary economic utopias, short food supply chains are situated at the intersection of two politicized spheres : consumption and production. This paper reviews the dynamics of building a common discourse around these initiatives locally in this case, in the French Basque Country in relation to that of organizations active internationally.

    The experience of short supply chains, which are opening up to consumers, is an updated version of the old politicization of the agricultural and territorial development of the Basque Country. Bringing producers and consumers together, even if presented by the actors as being self-evident, is the result of efforts to build a world of common meaning from distinct repertoires of justification. This utopia created in colonial and rural context had been transformed and made operational in an urban and migratory context. It provides Mouride entrepreneurs with the self-confidence they need and rely on to undertake their symbolic conquest of Western countries.

    Abstract In Ivory Coast, some large private companies set up antiretroviral ARV treatment access programs for their employees back in the late s. Abstract This paper sets out to analyse how microentrepreneurship evolves from an administrative and economic utopia—the founding of enterprises without formalities or risks—to a political and social utopia—individual initiative as a pillar of the social order.

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    It draws on a survey of archival material and interviews concerning the emergence of the exemption system for starting new businesses, introduced in , which encourages the unemployed to create their own jobs, while institutionalizing more extensively the practice of earning income from several sources. The paper highlights how the system serves as a means of freeing work from constraints, in sharp contrast with the regulated orders of wage earners and artisans. It subsequently analyses a major justification for this crusade against labour market regulations : the fight against exclusion.

    Quelle consistance? Abstract This paper investigates what substance there is to the subversive power of the social economy. The purpose is to see how the practices of this so-called alternative economy are materially subversive or at least different from those prevailing in the economic subareas in which they are found. From this perspective, our aim is to determine whether those who refer to their practices as being part of the social economy are driven by an intention to transform economic norms or whether they have other objectives.

    Abstract Action theatre workshops can be seen as an original space for the observation of a coming together and engagement in action. Notre objectif est de comprendre ces prises de position. Being discrete, some stances taken in local affairs, in automatic daily actions, remain almost invisible and raise a problem of conceptualization. Our objective in this paper was to gain a better understanding of these stances. Through community involvement on top of local political activity, the actions of this young man throughout the first decade of the s shed light on the eminently social foundations of his political legitimization.

    It was through close contact with cross-generational sociability networks that he was able to politicize a wide swath of the new working class areas alienated from the traditional social and political order. Abstract In the early s, at the Porte Montmartre market in Paris, some biffins dealers in second-hand goods, most of which they collected from Parisian garbage cans established an association to oppose the police raids against them and to call for their activities to be legalized.

    Given the extreme precariousness of the living conditions of these dealers, their struggle might appear to be something extraordinary. And yet it was in the very ordinariness of their daily lives, which are already a fight for survival, that I set out to trace the origins of their struggle. This paper seeks to better understand these new forms of public engagement, which give life to ordinary language without untangling it from its critical, argumentative functions.

    The general issue in this study consists in reading these different actions from the standpoint of the renewal of social criticism. Elsa Zotian - La participation sociale et politique des enfants : une ethnographie de pratiques ordinaires qui embarrassent les adultes. On the basis of a survey of children age 8 to 12 raised in working class migrant families, we propose an ethnography of practices that include rejecting children from neighbouring schools, making fun of peers and raising hell.

    These unusual ways of participating in society involve concepts of living together, social categorization and hierarchization, and forms of resistance that diverge from what the adults in their environment expect of them. Fabien Hein - Bien plus que de la musique! Le punk rock comme force de participation sociale et politique.

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    It also encompasses a social and political dimension sustained by an ardent desire to correct certain social imbalances by participating actively in the life of the housing project. As a result, contrary to what is normally thought, the punk rock form of engagement objectively has a structural influence. This paper seeks to assess this influence by examining a number of examples of participatory experiences. Ce type de participation peut conformer la base des nouvelles formes de politisation du mouvement des pobladores.

    It is our hypothesis that the implementation of strategies to fight against poverty, beginning in the s in Chile, led to antigovernment protests by people from working class areas, in particular against the individualist orientations that underlay the Chilean political model. This type of engagement can consolidate the base of the new forms of politicization of the pobladores movement. Abstract This paper examines recent developments in social support and guidance, focusing on an in-depth study of the FORJAD program, which helps troubled youth receiving Swiss social assistance gain access to vocational training.

    Amelia Lyons

    Part of the reason why young people in France are not aware of, do not benefit from and do not assert their rights to services is the way a moral economy of support and guidance is implemented in practice : the strategy of defending the professional dignity of local youth counsellors, on the one hand, and the norms of public solidarity, on the other, mean that in facilitating access to social assistance, preference is given to youths who build peaceful, long-term relationships with professionals.

    The existence of a support and guidance relationship thus appears to be a prerequisite for the offering and awarding of financial assistance.

    Élaboration des politiques sociales

    Abstract This paper concerns educational support for to year-olds in adult education programs. After examining the support discourse, it presents a model of educational support for young people in adult education. The model can be conceived as a conceptual plan in which the two main axes—relational and content—intersect.

    It also represents the different positions of the supporting teacher. Lastly, with reference to a group of six teachers who have been part of an action research project for several years, some observations are presented to illustrate the specificity of the educational support for young Quebecers going back to school in an adult education centre or an independent community organization. We begin by presenting the institutional context and then examine the role of job-readiness professionals, who in practice find themselves torn between the objectives that have been set and the specific cases of individual users.

    This paper examines a vulnerable student population, enrolled in a CEGEP transition program orientation and integration session, known by its French acronym, SAI , whose persistence is uncertain. The survey helped to determine the morphology of the various learning and educational pathways of students who began with the SAI, while highlighting specific problems as well as their lessening over time for a part of this student population.

    Abstract The young people who grow up in French low-income housing estates, most of them the children of workers and immigrants, are the disinherited of the working class and its social system. Abstract Civic service, established in France by legislation on March 10, , is a public program designed to promote social engagement. It offers to year-olds the opportunity to carry out projects of general interest for 6 to 12 months in exchange for a living allowance.

    Abstract This paper concerns the programs set up in France within the framework of a partnership involving the Ministry of Education, local government authorities and popular education associations. These programs were set up in accordance with recent educational policy that wishes to fight school drop out and to ensure educational achievement for all.