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You also need to tread carefully. When launching something new, some people get so excited read: overwhelmed by the choices and possibilities of their project that they forget that eventually, they need to, you know, actually launch it. Who can blame them? If you dismiss the first warning and plan to gather tons of data in order to improve your product as much as possible prior to launch, you should rethink your plan.

Of course not. To perfect is to change often. When you finally launch, feedback both good and bad is going to come in.

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Look at Facebook, arguably one of the most successful businesses of all time. Some of their most iconic features did not exist until years into the business like Facebook messenger, photo tagging, status updates. All are now arguably essential features, but were they essential for launch? Bringing on new features and improvements is a great opportunity to reach out to your followers as well as journalists.

As any marketing expert will tell you, if you have any legitimate reason to reach out and have a conversation with your email list or the press, you should take advantage of that opportunity.

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Launching with all of your features eliminates that opportunity. No two businesses are alike, so no two launch plans will be identical, but if you follow the general path of other successful startup launches, you can drastically improve your odds of a successful launch.

Forget about someone stealing your idea. Whether your idea is a product, a service, an app, a website, whatever— you need to discuss your idea with others, preferably future customers, in order to get an initial sense of viability. He envisioned it as sort of a reddit-style platform, but he also knew that building a platform with the capabilities he wanted would take time.

Remember, you invest both time and money into a startup. After getting great feedback and witnessing strong growth in newsletter subscribers, he considered the idea validated, and he felt comfortable investing some time into building a preliminary web platform with basic functionality that would eventually be Product Hunt. If there are no serious red flags at this stage of testing market viability, the next step is to prove that your business delivers value that people want. And the only way to do this is to launch your idea in the most lean, stripped down version possible and present it to a few select people to gather feedback and market data.

Formula 1 Reverse Grid Idea Likely to Be Abandoned

Try to include these people in every step of the building process, from design to functionality. This serves two purposes: first, by including others in the process, they will be more engaged in the overall process by providing better feedback. In five days, they built a very basic yet functional version of Product Hunt and released it in three steps — the private beta, the quiet beta, and the public launch.

At this stage, your biggest assets are excitement and agility. Keep your community excited by allowing them to see the concept evolve right in front of their eyes.

The Formula Jeff Bezos Uses to Identify Great Ideas

After Ryan had his basic product built, he sent it to his email list and asked them to engage on the platform and provide feedback. By limiting access, Ryan built up suspense for the public launch, while he improved the finer details of the platform.

At this point in the launch process, Product Hunt had about 30 users, and although there were still bugs to be fixed and user-experience improvements to made, Ryan knew that he needed to seed the community with more quality members before launching publicly. He hand picked more people to invite, which allowed him to gather more data and made improvements. A week later, he had about active users. Up until this point, the launch plan has been very calculated and methodical, from hand-picking people to introduce to your startup to building up excitement within the small community of testers.

The public portion of the launch is no different. Unlike the Field of Dreams, if you build it, people will not necessarily come.


In terms of broadcasting, Liberty Media has made strides over the past year. While F1 TV had a rough launch earlier this season, things have gotten back on track and depending on what country you live in, fans can have access to onboard cameras for every car in each race, unedited team audio and the ability for cord cutters to watch the broadcast live and on demand.

A 4-Step Formula For Finding Killer Content Ideas

This seems like a pretty good idea. News and soccer editor for The Comeback and Awful Announcing. I also do video highlight game coverage for Major League Soccer as well as a freelance writer for hire. Opinions are my own but feel free to agree with them. Paul Sherwen died of heart failure last December at age