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A place that is calm, cozy and inviting, where I can do all of my writing. Now THAT would be heaven! So so epic. I feel that I am getting closer! Onwards with one step at a time, one day at a time! Care to share your wildest dreams with the world? Leave a comment below! The first step that I personally take towards accomplishing a dream is to write it down and visualize it with as many details that my brain could possibly handle. I allow my mind to explode with colours and smells and sights and sounds of what could be the moment I achieve my dream! Think of it like manifesting — but also know that a lot of hard work has to be put fourth in order for dreams to come true.

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I would like to encourage YOU to be a wild dreamer with your own goals, and start taking small steps to make them come true! Share your greatest dreams below and put it out there to the universe to get the ball rolling. Remember, one foot in front of the other. I first heard your music on the radio on one of my long drives from Toronto to Vincennes, Indiana. We have a non-profit cat sanctuary there and I drive down every month to run errands and buy supplies and see the progress on our building projects.

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My dream is to see the sanctuary self-sufficient with sponsorship from a pet food company. We have 62 kittens and over a hundred cats, most of whom are unadoptable because of health issues. THank you for your projects and all the love you pour into them. Hopefully I can come and play and help raise some money over there for you at the sanctuary at some point! Dearest Jessica, thank you for sharing your dreams with us. I am so proud of you, my friend!

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Love you, always. But that was never going to happen. Also travelling. After all the travelling it was time to settle down. Listening to music and going to concerts is still high on the list. Anyway good luck with yours and keep doing what you are doing. Best wishes.

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I love the idea of a songwriters retreat. As for my ultimate dream come true? Hi Steven! That would be soo very cool to be able to meet you and have you join me for a weekend songwriting retreat! Perhaps that goal is only a couple years in the future! Keep on going with it!

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I hope you dreams come true and I hope it become a hit best seller! Thank you Jeff! I hope you can come and watch me perform some day!!! When her life gives her heartbreak, she flees to her ancestral farm in Maine, the home her grandfather left her. However, when she gets there, she finds her dream man living in her house. Not only is he real, but he's claiming that the house belongs to him!

As he and Ellie begin to unravel the mysterious thread that brought them together, the answers they find are beyond what either of them could have imagined. A bond, formed in the distant past, before either of them was born, decided that they were each other's destiny Ellie glanced at Zach whose knuckles whitened from his grip on the steering wheel. He turned off the ignition and yanked the hand brake on, never taking his eyes off the man in the driveway. The game of death. Daughter of the Naga. The Fifth Britain. Psion Roames Steampunk World. Me,cat and Superpower.