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We express the need for learning to be holistic - context of the whole value stream. In this section we explain how the dojo works and how it bonds teams around outcomes and learnings.

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We walk through how to choose teams and help organizations setup teams into helping teams establish their own learning goals and down into how to help teams learn while building and teach each other - ultimately leading to them leaving their dojo experience able to continue in a learning way and spreading ideas throughout their community. We also talk about how the dojo grows in terms of number of teams as well as offerings product, tech, etc.

Dojos also expose organizational biases and learning constraints - i. We use this section to explain what we have seen with dojos, how this helps organizations, and ultimately why it is a good thing.

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We wrap up with how to start your own dojo. In this section we talk about how to make sure you are getting the right teams, what to do if you can't build out a new space but still want to create a meaningful experience, and how to focus on coaches not just leads.

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New Releases. Sure, there are still instructors and lectures. Learning basic functions of modern tools might come first, but as the course progresses solid peer relationships are much more critical. Solving problems, sharing information, and working toward a common goal are more practical in groups. The collaborative format also closely mirrors the environment of the modern workplace, where open seating is becoming more standard and teamwork is more easily facilitated.

The continued presence of open source software, tech forums like GitHub and Stack Overflow, and social media promotes the communal model of learning, gathering intelligence and interpreting data. As such, group learning is a major component of learning code. Anyone can learn web development if they put in the time and effort. But to get the most out of learning code, it helps to approach it differently than the subjects we learned in school and college.

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The schools we attended as kids always had a competitive element. The advent of standardized test scores has added a whole new layer to that classroom competitiveness. It can be a great motivator. Given a pretty minimal setup, you can see the results of those seemingly random character strings in your text editor as they happen.

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