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President George H. President Bill Clinton walks with the family cat, Socks, as he arrives back at the White House in after a speech.

President Barack Obama -- like other presidents before him -- likely benefited from having dogs Bo and Sunny at the White House. The second family has a dog, two cats and a bunny. Click through to see other presidential pets. Story highlights The first family does not have a pet They are the only first family in modern presidential history without a pet. The illustrious tradition of keeping pets in the White House dates back to Thomas Jefferson, who kept a mockingbird and a couple of bear cubs during his presidency.

Throughout the years, presidential pets became celebrities of sorts.

For an image-conscious President, Trump seems to be in little rush to add a furry friend to the White House brood, making his the only first family in modern presidential history without a pet. Trump lived with a poodle, Chappy, with his first wife, Ivana, who wrote in her memoir, "Raising Trump," that "Donald was not a dog fan. The early history of White House pets was not well-documented, but included farm animals, hunting dogs and horses in stables on White House grounds, and many animals that were given as gifts. President James Buchanan was reportedly given a herd of elephants, and President Martin Van Buren received a pair of tiger cubs.

Congress made Van Buren give the cubs to a local zoo, according to Andrew Hager, historian in residence at the Presidential Pet Museum, a collection of presidential pet memorabilia located outside Baltimore and open by appointment. Lengel said that while it hasn't been documentarily confirmed, there is circumstantial evidence President John Quincy Adams was given an alligator. Adams clearly wasn't interested in draining the swamp. Wilson's sheep are seen grazing on the South Lawn. Though Presidents had kept pets for years, Warren Harding's dog, Laddie Boy, an Airedale terrier, had his own chair in the Roosevelt Room for Cabinet meetings and became the first "celebrity" pet in the early s, Lengel said.

Trump family breaks with presidential pet tradition

Laddie Boy presided over the Easter Egg Roll, and once sat on a jury of children from a local nature club who put the White House owls on trial for murder. The owls were found innocent.

At the interest of intrepid White House journalists and their readers, the presidential pet became a high-profile beat. During the s, Americans would send pet ambassadors to the White House. President Calvin Coolidge's wife, Grace, became fond of one such wacky animal, a raccoon she named "Rebecca," whom she walked on a leash.

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She also adopted an opossum. First lady Grace Coolidge is seen holding her pet raccoon, Rebecca. President Theodore Roosevelt had a bull dog named Pete who made headlines and nearly caused an international incident when he tore the pants off the French ambassador.

When the bulldog attacked White House staff and secretaries, "Pete had to be exiled," Lengel said. Roosevelt, who had nearly 30 pets, also had a pony, Algonquin. When his son, Archie, was sick with the measles, they brought the pony up the White House elevator and into his bedroom. Archie jumped and startled the pony, which slipped and fell on the floor. Fala frequently received received letters from people across the country, per the White House Historical Association. Roosevelt's dog Fala on the south lawn of the White House.

The Kennedy family White House was home to Macaroni the pony, multiple horses, the hamsters Debbie and Billy, dogs, parakeets, a canary, Zsa Zsa the rabbit and a cat. Kennedy and the first lady were so brilliant at producing," said Lengel. In more recent years, presidential pets have been more traditional, mostly dogs and cats.

George W. There was so much demand for Barney content that the White House created a website, " Barney. Over the years, presidential pets have become beloved figures in American history. Getting down on the floor with a dog humanizes the politician.

American Pie 2 - Petey [JIM PLAYS TROMBONE] (HD 1080p)

Meet Petie! We received a call from a concerned citizen about a pig who was abandoned in a backyard of an inner city. The neighbor had been feeding When Happy Trails was He traveled all the way to our sanctuary for a March 25, Gordy is still living well at Happy Trails. He is social with one caregiver while a little standoffish with others.

This just means to us that July 6, My how they have grown. Paco and Priscilla sure do love their own little pig pen in the sanctuary of Happy Trails.

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We would love to adopt these two out Willow is a wonderful resident at Happy Trails. She can leap tall fences and was the reason for some recent updates! We would love for Willow and Cal to be Cal has become great friends with Willow. My how they have grown. We would love to adopt these two out but know and Once he was rescued, the citizen did not know what to do with Wilby and he These guys are famous, read These guys are These guys are famous, read the Temple came from a neglect situation with three other farm pigs up for adoption.

Temple, Practical, Fifer and Fiddler are all like family and we would prefer that