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Many questions are yet open, such as that of dark matter: what does it consist of, and what is dark energy? Why does the universe contain more matter than antimatter? And what role do the mysterious ghost particles — or neutrinos — play in the early universe? Aber die Welt besteht nicht nur, ist auch geworden, hat sich entwickelt und ist geboren worden.

Dieters and non - dieters differed significantly in past experience with being overweight and in their current weights. At the time of the study 20 to 30 percent of the dieters were classifiable as overweight. While black and white male dieters and non- dieters were in agreement about ideal body weight, white female dieters and non- dieters wanted considerably lower weights than black female dieters and non- dieters.

Ethnicity, as determined by socioeconomic class and religion, was not significantly related to dieting behavior, nor was birth order, a familial factor. It appeared that pervasive cultural pressures to attain an ideal figure affected all race-sex groups and led large percentages of the students to diet, even many who were already underweight. Chronic dieting distorts eating behaviors and causes weight escalation. Desperation about losing weight results in pursuit of extreme weight loss measures.

Instead of offering yet another diet, nutrition educators can teach chronic dieters dieting casualties to develop eating competence. Eating Order, a week class for chronic dieters based on…. Restaurant eating in nonpurge binge-eating women. This study describes restaurant-eating behaviors for nonpurge binge-eating women in comparison to dieters.

Restaurant-eating behaviors were determined from a content analysis of day food diaries using a convenience sample of 71 women who reported binging without purging and 46 dieters without a recent binge history. Comparing bingers to dieters , there were no significant differences in frequency of eating out, dessert consumption at restaurants, or fast food eating. Bingers more often perceived restaurant eating to be uncontrolled and excessive. Both bingers and dieters consumed significantly more calories kcal and fat Extra calories consumed on restaurant-eating days may contribute to weight gain over time, especially with frequent restaurant eating.

Restaurants may present a high-risk food environment for bingers and dieters , contributing to loss of control and excess consumption. Dieting and food craving. A descriptive, quasi-prospective study. Evidence linking food restriction and food craving is equivocal. This study investigated whether dieting was associated with a greater frequency of food craving.

Dieting to lose weight was distinguished from watching so as not to gain weight. They completed a food craving record after every food craving, a food diary, and a daily mood assessment over 7-days. Of the craving incidents recorded, dieters experienced significantly more food cravings than non- dieters , with watchers intermediate.

Compared with non- dieters , dieters experienced stronger cravings that were more difficult to resist, and for foods they were restricting eating. Watchers showed similarities in experience both to dieters low hunger and non- dieters lower craving intensity. These results support an association between dieting and food craving, the usefulness of distinguishing dieting to lose weight and watching, and suggest a need for further experimental investigation of actual food restriction on food craving experiences. Underlying assumptions and core beliefs in anorexia nervosa and dieting.

To investigate assumptions and beliefs in anorexia nervosa and dieting. The patients scored more highly than the other two groups on assumptions about weight and shape, assumptions about eating and negative self-beliefs.

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The dieters scored more highly than the female controls on assumptions about weight and shape. The cognitive content of anorexia nervosa both assumptions and negative self-beliefs differs from that found in dieting. Assumptions about weight and shape may also distinguish dieters from female controls. Religiosity and conservatism revisited: relating a new religiosity measure to the two main conservative political ideologies.

The relation between the two religiosity dimensions which Wulff described Exclusion vs Inclusion of Transcendence and Literal vs Symbolic and two conservative political ideologies Cultural and Economic Conservatism was investigated in a sample of students, a heterogeneous sample of adults, and a sample of religiously affiliated adults gathered in Flanders Belgium.

Analysis supported these hypotheses, providing further evidence for the close association between religiosity and Cultural Conservatism and the validity of the Post-Critical Belief scale as a measure of Wulff 's dimensions of religiosity. Hart, A. Waste management in the leaf-cutting ant Atta colombica.

Behavioral Ecology , Heintz , J. Maintenance departments can help themselves by implementing an information system to help better manage personnel Wastewater collection system infrastructure research needs in the USA. Urban Water , Takata, S. Dieting in bulimia nervosa is associated with increased food restriction and psychopathology but decreased binge eating.

The cognitive behavioral model of bulimia nervosa BN suggests that dieting is central to the maintenance of binge eating. However, correlational and experimental studies suggest that additional clarification is needed about the nature of this relationship. Dieting, weight, eating disorder psychopathology, and depression were assessed at admission among patients with BN presenting for residential treatment. A comparison of weight loss dieters and non- dieters found greater food restriction and eating disorder psychopathology among weight loss dieters.

However, dieters reported less frequent binge eating. There were no significant group differences in depression. Results suggest that 1 while many individuals with BN are attempting to restrict their food intake, the goal of losing weight fundamentally alters the effect of such restriction on binge eating, and 2 treatment may benefit from helping patients to establish a healthier approach to achieving long-term weight stability. Baltisches Historikertreffen : vom 5. Effect of depressed mood in eating among obese and nonobese dieting and nondieting persons.

This study explored the relationship among obesity, depressed mood, current dieting habits, and eating. Depressed or nondepressed mood was induced in obese are nonobese dieters and nondieters. As predicted, dieters ate more when depressed than when nondepressed, and nondieters ate less when depressed than when nondepressed. That is, both groups reversed their typical eating patterns when depressed.


Also as predicted, among depressed students, dieters ate more than nondieters; among nondepressed students, dieters at less than nondieters. The above pattern of results was found both for obese students and for nonobese students. Dieting habits were highlighted as a more salient variable than obesity in predicting eating responses to depressed mood. These findings are discussed with respect to the psychosomatic theory of obesity, Schachter's stimulus-binding theory of obesity, previous investigations of clinical depression, and Herman and Polivy's theory of restrained eating.

Executive functioning e.