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Com este projeto, pretendemos:. This e-journal is sponsored by CETAPS The Centre for English, Translation and Anglo-Portuguese Studies with a view to providing a forum for the publication of papers which reflect the wide range of scientific perspectives included within the study of English. Articles of a diverse nature, especially those associated with the research sub-unit denominated TEALS the Teaching of English and Applied language Studies , will be the mainstay of the journal. We are delighted to be launching this new international bilingual bi-annual journal — Language and Law - Linguagem e Direito — exactly twenty years after the launch of Forensic Linguistics: The International Journal of Speech Language and the Law.

As is evident we have assembled a highly distinguished International Advisory Board to assist the Editorial team. A Linguarum Arena. This journal assumes itself as a space of knowledge, research and celebration of the arts from a perspective of sociology and cultural studies.

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In fact, the arts are increasingly imposing themselves as emblematic references of the contemporary, reminding us that Kant, in his Aesthetics, already considered that the meanings of the arts depended on the plural existence of men. The spaces, places, borders, actors, themes of all arts music, performative arts, painting, architecture, sculpture, literature, poetry, cinema, photography, video, digital arts, installation, design, illustration, design, architecture, graffiti, programming, editing, comics Revista da Sociedade Portuguesa de Antropologia e Etnologia criada em Trans l ation matters!

Dignidade da Pessoa Humana

De Marco MA. Rev Bras Educ Med [serial na Internet]. Hryniewicz S. Rev Latino-Am Enf [serial na Internet]. Cunha MBC. Cienc Cuid Saude [serial na Internet].

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Texto Contexto Enfermagem Jan;12 1 Em: Anais da Vianna CP, Unbehaum S. Cad Pesqui [serial na Internet]. Pereira, JE. Rev Bras Enferm [serial na Internet]. Siqueira, MM. Formando docentes, una experiencia desde el constructivismo.

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Aquichan [serial en Internet]. Tavares CMM.

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Rio de Janeiro. Rev Latino-Am Enfermagem [serial na Internet].

(Português) Amor em Tempos de Ira e de Ódio

Carapinheiro G. Saberes e poderes no hospital.

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