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Once you watch The Irishman over Thanksgiving weekend, there are lots of other Martin Scorsese movies available to stream on Netflix, Starz , Showtime and other streaming services. You could do a whole Martin Scorsese marathon and give thanks for his contributions to cinema! Four services are streaming The Departed. Their relationship would continue through The Irishman. He sees himself as some sort of avenger, plotting to kill a presidential candidate. When his romantic overtures involving a date to an adult movie theater fail to woo Betsy Cybill Shepard , he thinks he can save teenage prostitute Iris Jodie Foster from her pimp.

Netflix has Raging Bull , and if you have a library card you could also find it on the hoopla app. Scorsese filmed Raging Bull in black and white and the boxing sequences featured ground breaking slow motion point of view shots that put the viewer inside the ring.

The real volatile drama was between Jake and his wife Vickie Cathy Moriarty though. It was also based on another book by Goodfellas author Nicholas Pileggi. The story of how the mafia ran Las Vegas had many parallels to Goodfellas , mainly that greed and violence ruined a sure thing.

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Sharon Stone earned an Oscar nomination for her role as a Vegas moll whose marriage proved to be a bigger gamble than blackjack. By Anita Bennett.

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By Bruce Haring. By Anthony D'Alessandro.

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All Rights reserved. Read the full story. Awardsline cover story.

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Latest News. The official Avatar Twitter account shared a behind-the-scenes photo Friday to mark the end of live-action filming for the year. In addition to the…. Primetime Pilot Panic All programming news in one place, with listings. The stars were blocked in mid-summer from filing new work permits by the city, which issued several stop-work orders.

That put the series….

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The 50th airing of the Rankin-Bass animation special, based on the Walter E. Midge Rachel Brosnahan is going on tour!

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After receiving a once-in-a-lifetime offer in Created with Sketch. Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices. Sign up to get started Login About My Watchlist.

Watch This Now! Dolly Parton's Heartstrings Dolly Parton's greatest hits get adapted into little movies in this sweet anthology series. The Crown Netflix Netflix's historical drama gets a cast makeover with Olivia Colman taking over the lead role as the Royals move down the timeline.