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He lives in Huntington Beach, California , [3] with his wife and four children. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Bring it Home. WRJ Bag. It was this very question that got me thinking of writing a novel. And the novel gives the necessary large canvas for the rather complicated theme. How do you view this Movement? This phenomenon takes place every 50 years. The bamboos flower, produce fruit and then dry up.

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  7. Rats feed on the fruits and multiply greatly, eating up crops in the fields. So when this famine took place in the early 60s, the Indian government did nothing much to help. The people were hurt by the neglect. Besides the famine, Mizoram had not been developed after the Independence. There were no proper roads, and the healthcare and education we had was negligible.

    There was not much improvement in any of these since the British left. These problems needed to be addressed. But taking up arms was a huge blunder. It only brought terrible sufferings for the whole community. In all violent movements we observe, the participants may start with good intention and high ideals. But as the fight goes on, they tend to descend into inhuman behaviour. I am againstall violent movements and all atrocities.

    Do you considerZorami as historical novel?

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    But since it deals with historical events, and many of the characters in the novel are based on real people, some consider it appropriate to call it that. JS: Who did you talk to during your research for the novel? A number of people I met at different settings, like at some get-togethers. Let me describe this one. When I went to Aizawl in May , I visited a friend whose husband had died some time before. There were several other visitors. Most of them spoke up. They narrated their experiences, some horrifying, some funny. I repeated the same method in Lunglei. I found that people were quite willing to come out with their own stories and the stories of others.

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    I also interviewed at length some key personsby appointment, including former MNF leaders and a pastor who started the peace process. There is a hint of spiritual epiphany in the novel. Is it deliberate? I honestly could not find any other way to mend her shattered psyche. And for a people still hurting from the atrocitiesthey suffered, a genuine spiritual experience is the need. Spiritual, not merely religious. The verse is actually taken from the Bible. It also points at the possibility of such healing for the land itself.

    Why did you make the story interspersed with songs and poems? This way of story-telling is borrowed from the Mizo tradition. Most of our folktales have lines meant for singing or chanting. Using verses in my novel came quite naturally. But the way I have used them is different from that of the folktales.

    They are mostly quotes from real songs, which I translated into English. I wrote it in Mizo language and translated it to English, to make it sound authentic. Will you enlighten us on the Mizoram Presbyterian Synod and its role these days? Since the church plays a vital role in the Mizo society, The Mizoram Presbyterian Synod has been a powerful tool of social reforms. They get involved in all aspects of the society, including politics, like giving ethical guidelines before elections.

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