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Much of these investigations engage the question of absence, how to archive what is missing from the landscape particularly as a number of communities watch in real time, neighborhoods once populated with familiar presences, dissolve in the vernacular of redevelopment and its attendant colonial logic. Keeping abreast of the latest discoveries of Einstein, Max Planck, Niels Bohr, Louis de Broglie, and others, Stevens pushed the boundaries of language into the exotic territories of relativity and quantum mechanics while at the same time honoring the continuing human need for belief in some larger order.

His work records how to live, what to do in this strange new world of experience, seeing what was always seen but never seen before. Raised in a ramshackle cottage on the shores of Lake Michigan, Lykretia takes refuge in the lake. One day Lykretia spots a creature in the water. Is it the mythical Lake Michigan mermaid, or an embodiment of the stories her grandmother told as dementia ravaged her mind?

Thus begins a telepathic conversation between a lost young girl and Phyliadellacia, the mermaid.

Accompanied by haunting illustrations, The Lake Michigan Mermaid offers a tale of friendship, redemption, and the life-giving power of water as it explores family relationships and generational bonds. Sometimes we all feel as if our relationships consume us. In Red Mother Laurel Radzieski weaves a love story told from the perspective of a parasite. This series of short poems explores the intimacy, desire and devotion we all experience by following the sometimes tender, often distressing relationship that emerges between a parasite and its host.

Far from romanticizing either role, Red Mother takes readers on a tour of their own innards. This latest volume in the Teaching Hemingway series explores how his writing sheds light on broader questions of the human relationship to the nonhuman world. Each essay includes specific classroom advice as well as theoretically sophisticated close readings.

Clearly detectible beneath the sparse, Zenlike surface of these poems are those deeper shafts of light emerging from a growing compassion, gentleness, and a wry, self- deprecating humor that somehow manages to 'hold all things in unity. In the hills of north central West Virginia, there lives a cast of characters who face all manner of problems. Relentlessly original and brilliantly hybrid, Monster Portraits investigates the concept of the monstrous through a mesmerizing combination of words and images. An uncanny and imaginative autobiography of otherness, it offers the fictional record of a writer in the realms of the fantastic shot through with the memories of a pair of Somali-American children growing up in the s.

Operating under the sign of two—texts and drawings, brother and sister, black and white, extraordinary and everyday— Monster Portraits multiplies, disintegrates, and blends, inviting the reader to find the danger in the banal, the beautiful in the grotesque. The character-driven stories in Meet Behind Mars offer beautiful insight into the emotional lives of caretakers, auto workers, dancers, and pawn shop employees.

In "High Country," a frustrated would-be novelist considers ditching her family in the middle of the desert. In "Dive," an adoptee returns to her adoptive home, still haunted by histories she does not know.

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Simms writes from the voice of women and girls who struggle under structural oppression. The stories in this collection span forty years and two continents and range in structure from epistolary to traditionally structured realism, with touches of absurdity, humor, and magic. After one of his former students at the June Jordan School of Equity is gunned down on a street corner, Lam is compelled to tell a mosaic of stories. Late 18th century.

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It is a time of bloody conflict and great turmoil. The slave trade expands from the east African coast. Europeans spread inland.

Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases

And one young boy, Shaka, is destined to change the future of southern Africa. While Shaka has often been portrayed as a cruel and bloodthirsty tyrant, this re-telling of the legend explores the rise to power of a shrewd young prince who must now consolidate a new kingdom through warfare, mediation, and political alliances to defend his people against the expanding slave trade.

Travelers examines the intersection of the connections we form and those we inherit and how, with distance and trust and a little luck, we might find more than just our way home. Firmly rooted in the dramatic landscapes and histories of Michigan, Field Recordings uses American folk music as a lens to investigate themes of personal origin, family, art, and masculinity.

With rich musicality and lyric precision, the poems in Field Recordings look squarely at what it means to be a son, a brother, an artist, a person. Subversive and refreshing, Silveira blends great storytelling with personal politics to critique the machismo, authoritarianism, and abuses of power prevalent in Brazilian culture. These ten stories offer readers a glimpse into the lives of ordinary people facing out-of-the-ordinary problems—street sweepers sending incomplete messages that a young couple is compelled to decipher; a young woman travels back home with her boyfriend to help him sort through the lives of his deceased parents; a woman smitten with a living-statue artist; and a man finding himself with an unwanted house guest he met through a dating app.

After a near-fatal, devastating attack by a husband, she survived to support her three young children by working seven years as a go-go girl in the, becoming an award-winning, internationally-published poet, her Texan depression-era parents, the wild fun-filled ss California lifestyle, her friendship with Charles Bukowski and much more in these lyrical, straight-talking poems shining and dancing with moonglow that take you through her amazing life and leave you moved and uplifted. In it, he paints a vivid portrait of Sangriz, a village in the southern part of Iran where life has been disrupted by industrialization and the Iranian Revolution of Their lives are pulled forcefully toward the explosive events that will change them all.

In masterfully-crafted prose that never sinks into sentimentality, The Place of Stones illuminates how a lost past continues to shape the present. Saying Your Name Three Times Underwater is a collection of translucent, often narrative poems that float on the page and roll downstream, tumble ashore, look about, understand a bit, hop back onto the page.

An old soul comes of age, in time and space these poems occur in the real place of dreams, where they yearn, and exhale. Filmed in Saas-Fee, it shows a flock of sheep grazing next to the structural support of cable car system.

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Leslie Thornton views her video installation as film paintings. Korea continues to grapple with the shared memory of its Japanese and US occupations. Emily Jungmin Yoon asks Why do we write poems amid such violence? What can I, and what can poetry, do?

Her response to those tough questions is a sequence of reverberating poems that blend documentary precision with impassioned witness, bringing to bear both scholarship and artistry. In this debut collection from prizewinning short story writer Malinda McCollum, people adrift in the American Midwest struggle to find their way in the world, with few signposts for guidance. Set largely in Des Moines, Iowa, over the expanse of several decades, these twelve stories explore the surprising places where our outsized longings may lead us.

In prose as lean and unflinching as an Iowa winter, these stories offer confrontation and consolation in equal measure. Taking these hardscrabble stories as his starting point, Snyder interweaves a history of the region, offering a smart analysis of the costs—both financial and cultural—of an economy built around extractive industries. Chocolatology gives the casual cook dozens of ways to incorporate this stellar ingredient into everyday dishes, and takes intrepid food scientists a step farther, into the art of sourcing beans, making chocolate from scratch, and enjoying 17th Century chocolate concoctions.

Chocolatology takes a close look at the chocolate industry and its history, and introduces readers to a variety of trade initiatives and suppliers that are working to improve the lives of cacao growers and their employers. In this unique collection of connected poems, the narrator assists people who have chosen to die. A suicide tech at a Florida clinic that provides euthanasia to willing adults, she introduces readers to her Days' End coworkers, the patients, and the protestors outside.

These riveting, frightening, sometimes funny poems are interspersed with news clips about mercy killings. Fifty years after the Vietnam War, this anthology by descendants of Vietnam veterans and refugee confronts war and its aftermath. What emerges is an affecting portrait of the effects of war and family—an intercultural, generational dialogue on silence, memory, landscape, imagination, Agent Orange, displacement, postwar trauma, and the severe realities that are carried home. These poems make sharp turns.

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Trauma is never far from beauty, desire never far from fear, and images are often as surprising as they are stunning. Winner of the T. Eliot Prize for Poetry. The Book of Donuts includes 54 poems by 51 poets about that favorite pastry, the donut. I have chosen more of the free verse poems to translate and when there is rhyme I find it preferable to hold on to tone and meaning than attempting to replicate the echoing sounds.

So strong was Lavant's connection to the commonplace elements that moon and stars become symbols illuminating her particular, troubled road to Heaven. Like Lesser Gods explores themes of loss in a way that deals with the mortality of personal relationships, the realization and search for deeper meaning.

Cops, sex, dinosaurs, grandmas, the Bach family, Chairman Mao, bad puns and a few good ones : it's all here, our whole lives and everyone else's, too. Nothing says America louder than a gun. As the short stories assembled here demonstrate, firearms loom as large in our imaginations as in the news.


These striking stories, from such famous authors as Annie Proulx, Bonnie Jo Campbell, and John Edgar Wideman, plus a talented group of newcomers, range widely—from tender to violent, from chilling to hilarious. Gorgeous witness. Silence muscled with qualities. Its sensuousness; its intimacy especially with necessity that supples its language. Patience of soul spun into physical brilliance. Kate Carroll de Gutes decided to spend a while doing what most of us don't do: tell the truth.

Tell the truth to herself and then to everyone else, and the truth turns out to be funny, hard, sad, sweet, tough, confusing, tender and sharp.