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Telekinetically hurling an object at a foe is an Unopposed action because the object, not the foe, is the subject of the psionic skill. When a Psi wishes to use an ability, the player describes the result he wants to the GM. The GM then assigns a Difficulty level to the action.

Confusion At First Sight

There may also be a minimum Power level needed in order to attempt an action. For example, telekinetically lifting a pencil might only require a Terrible Telekinesis Power, but lifting a large book might require a Mediocre Telekinesis Power, and lifting a car might require a Superb Telekinesis Power.

The time required to activate a psionic ability depends on the potency of the desired effect and the Power level of the character. It is set by the GM.

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This can range from a single combat round to hours of concentration. The individual can also vary the time concentrating which must be uninterrupted to speed up the results or increase the chances of success see Section 7.

The Psi now applies all modifiers and rolls against the Difficulty level using the appropriate skill. In an Opposed action, both parties involved make their rolls. On tie results, the status quo is maintained, whatever that may be. At this point, a psi or animate target of a psionic attack may attempt to sacrifice one or more levels of Psychic Reservoir to augment his rolled result. That is, if a psifails in an Unopposed action, he may stress himself in an attempt to succeed. In an Opposed action, this can be considered two people locked in psionic combat, each struggling to boost their power a bit to overcome the other.

To augment a rolled result, a Psionicist rolls against the psionic skill he just used, with current modifiers still effective. On a result of Fair, Mediocre or Poor, there is no effect: he may not sacrifice a level of Psychic Reservoir, but there is no penalty for having tried.

On a result of Terrible or worse, however, he not only drains one level of Psychic Reservoir, he also loses one level of rolled result.

THE Psionic Man

This can intensify any negative consequences of having failed. If one party of an Opposed action is successful in augmenting his rolled result, the other may then try to augment his. They may continue to trade sacrificing levels of Psychic Reservoir until one of them fails to change the result, or falls below Terrible Psychic Reservoir. Once augmenting if any is complete, the GM decides the duration of the effects the better the roll, the better the results. Some effects will be permanent, such as Healing.

Psionic abilities are sometimes dangerous to use. A rolled degree of Terrible or worse will usually result in the exact opposite of the desired outcome, or some other entertaining backfire. In addition, the psi loses one level of Psychic Reservoir, as outlined in Section 7.

THE Psionic Man : Donald H Sullivan :

It may also have a gruesome result: brain hemorrhage, loss of sanity, or a similar outcome. A Terrible result on an Opposed psionic action can mean the loser is now psychically open to his opponent. The GM should determine these effects based on the situation at hand. However, if one is desperate enough, he can try it at a great price. Simply pushing the Power level up to match the minimum level needed is all it takes to try the skill but he is at -2 to his skill for each level of Psychic Reservoir he drained for this attempt.

Unlike augmenting a rolled result as described in the previous section , draining one level of Psychic Reservoir before the die roll is automatically successful. This is obviously not for casual use: the risk of a Terrible outcome is much higher than normal, as well as the guaranteed drain on Psychic Reservoir. Nonetheless, if one were being attacked by the Spawn of The Other, a demon of tremendous power, one might try anything to survive. As a GM-chosen option, psionics may be blocked by metal either all metal or just certain ones.

Yardmower Man wants to mow the lawn psionically he needs the practice. He currently has a Good Psychic Reservoir and an interesting assortment of psi Powers and skills. The GM decides that to move and control the yard mower is a Great Difficulty level task on Telekinesis skill. It requires only Mediocre Telekinesis Power, however.

Reward Yourself

He rolls a -1 result, which means a Good Telekinesis effort due to his modifiers. He just missed the Difficulty level. In fact, it looks sloppy: there are thin strips of unmowed grass here and there, and he took out half of his daisy bed with one poorly aimed swipe. Since this is a continued use, the GM decides that for each hour spent mowing he reduces his Psychic Reservoir by one level. It takes him two hours. The next day, Yardmower Man decides the director of the local government psionic research facility should be Molecularly Rearranged.

It is also a taxing thing to do: it will drain one level of Psychic Reservoir at the end of the action. Fortunately for Yardmower man, he has the Shapeshift Power and skill both at Superb level.

His Psychic Reservoir is down to Mediocre from activities the night before -1 to skill. Yardmower man rolls a -1 Result. He gets lucky and rolls a Great Presence result trying to resist the psionic attack. But Great is not good enough Yardmower man got a Superb result , so he tries to augment his result by sacrificing a level of Psychic Reservoir to fight the rearrangement of his molecules. His sacrifice roll against Presence is a Good Result, so he increases his result to Superb. Also, his Reservoir will be Mediocre after this round of psychic combat.

A Man Called Adam: Chrono Psionic Interface (Andrew Weatherall Mix)

Yardmower Man, not to be outdone, attempts to sacrifice his own Psychic Reservoir. After this round, his Reservoir will also drop another level. To get the free app, enter mobile phone number. See all free Kindle reading apps. Start reading The Psionic Man on your Kindle in under a minute. Don't have a Kindle? Tales of Suspense and Mystery. Terrific Tales of Scifi and Space Opera. The Werewolf of Misty Valley. Frankenstein and the Zombies. Elfenwurl Plus The Kidnapped Unicorn.

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