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HE showed and told me he really liked me ,thought I was sweet, thought I was very pretty many times he said this, loved my height, loved how I stay in shape. He had no complaints as Im not a perfect person I am umemployed at the moment with the hopes of working again. He never comes to my apt only for 15 mins, I have offered to make a meal and he turns it down.

Not sure what that is. I live alone. He usually calls to setup a date then comes to pick me up after his work. We either go downtown I live close or to his place and do many fun activities together. We also watch movies. He has told me intimate things about his life. His health is not that great he has high BP and diabetes and erertile dysfunction so he cannot have sex for almost 2 years is what he told me he is very upset about it.

One day he bought me a magazine and inside was a full cure for his health and BP issues. He also works out hard almost every day and works a FT job.

His job has stress. So things went very well then suddenly he broke off with me at the 6 week point by text. It was a long weekend I was so upset! We talked some texting online but he never called me for 4 days,this made me more an gry. He asked can we stay friends. So then by t he 5th day I said IM not a steak you can order when u like as after our breakup he was downtown having beer with a buddy.

Then the next day he messaged me apolozing saying he did not feel Im the right man for me and he needs to focus on his health, but the odd time I saw him on this dating site. Then the next morning he called and said he missed me and wanted to still hangout to do activities and he felt bad about my situation of low income and no work.

He said he would try to help me but the solution is a job. So that evening at pm when he gets off he called me asking to take me out to dinner. I said sure.

Should I Call Him if He Doesn’t Call Me? Advice for Women Over 40.

He picked me up, when I got in I joked am I allowed to kiss you as at this point I was unsure are we dating or friends? I grabbed his hand while he drove for a bit. When walking into the restaurant again I grabbed his hand to hold it seems odd I had to make the moves? It was raining hard so I know he was tired as he worked all day he is 60 , so I said what is up and he said I will head home to rest, I said okay. NO plan was made. Normally he would say talk to you tomorrow or make some sort of FU but no he did not.

So that was Saturday night, its now Tuesday night and no call. He has tomorrow off. I have to get blood work done in the morning and IM waiting to see if I got a job I applied for I find out tomorrow, it may start the day after. He is a very giving man and a nice man Im very confused on how he is behaving. He does not live far from me only 10 mins by car….

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Too stressful I am over 60 dating and men change their feelings fast. Soooo grateful for your input. I think all of us know what the right way is to be treated and how we want to be treated and you so confirm that for me. And he is always online…….

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Chutzpah indeed! There are a lot of men like Larry, Bren.

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  8. Thing is that I dated for like 30 years and had tons of dates with guys I met online. And I can count on one hand how many were real jerks. The rest were just not right matches. So the fact that you keep meeting these jerky guys concerns me. August 27 is the webinar. Meantime, be good to yourself AND to the men you meet, ok? I have a feeling he has negative thoughts about Pipo in africa cz of the stories he has heard.

    Nope, Chichi. Let hime go. If he wanted to contact you he would have, sorry. Live, and enjoy, your life! I have been dating a man for a year off and on. In the past few months its been on. We were spending weekends together. Things were going good. A couple of weeks ago he said he loved me and wanted to marry me. He wanted to move to where hia job was sending him to.

    Of course i was on board with it all. After he left my place we texted a few times.

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    We had plans to do dinner that week. I called and left message. No returned call. That week was my bday and he sent flowers. I called again to thank him and sent a text. No response. I decided to let things be. Give space. But didnt hear back from him.

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    4. Was that the right thing to do? He finally messaged me to say he was out of town visiting family and that he will talk to me later. But still no call. He leaves for his job next week. I thought he wanted to share a life with me but there ia no followup or anything to that. Hi didly…. Not happening, girlfriend. But whatever it is, doing the silent treatment right now is mean and immature. Let him go, girlfriend.

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      Find someone who will make a REAL commitment to you. The best guys I knew in 20 years, were those who were actually straightforward, and with whom fixing the next date or having the next contact was very simple — and spontaneous as it actually should be. Just my 2 cents…. Agree HST! Hi Bobby, I am a Moslem girl and knew this Moslem guy for about 4 weeks via online dating site. He told me that he was looking for a beautiful highly-educated spiritual girl who is marriage minded and wants to have kids in future. Which I am indeed!! At the beginnig I was concern about our long distance and told him about my concern however i am open to relocate if i plan to marry him and asked him if he can see himself as to come and visit me soon after couple of talking over the phone?

      Well ,Hi did think over it for a while and emailed me yes i can fly and visit you when you are a bit free …So then after I accepted to get on the phone ,. So we are like 9 hours apart….