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The chief narrowed his eyes and said: "No one was on the island until this afternoon, so you must have come over by ferry today. Now, what were each of you doing in Nashville this afternoon?

Tommy the Tooth grinned, flashing his pearly whites. I was there for at least an hour. It takes work to keep this winning smile! Lipstick Lucy batted her eyelashes and poofed her wavy blond hair. I DO look fabulous, don't you think, Chief? Okay, math detectives. Each suspect's story is true. You heard the stories. Now, use this ferry schedule to track down the thief. It would difficult to overstate the captivating and utterly bizarre case of Patty Hearst and the Symbonese Liberation Army. Hearst, a college sophomore and heir to the Hearst Family fortune, was abducted by the group in Seriously, just read this.

No description can really do it justice. It may sound hard to believe, but one of the most entertaining and absorbing true crime stories of the last few years centers around fly fishing, specifically the underground world yes, there is one of black market fly-tiers. The Feather Thief is the surprisingly entertaining, wholly bizarre account of what happened next.

New Orleans in the early twentieth century was waging a war against itself. This is a tale of prostitutes, jazzmen, corrupt politicians, and ruthless Mafiosi. A spate of murders—marked by decapitated heads and dismembered limbs surfacing in the Seine—terrified Nazi-Occupied Paris. The suspect, Dr. Marcel Petiot, was a renowned physician known for his charm and generosity. Standing accused of some twenty-seven murders, Petiot was hemmed in by mountains of evidence and dozens of witnesses.

Death in the City of Light is a truly captivating look into World War II-era Paris and a chronicle of one of the most harrowing murder trials of the twentieth century. This meticulously researched tome is survey of the most brutal and infamous serial killers that history has to offer.

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From Ed Gein and Jeffrey Dahmer to a fifteenth-century clan of cave-dwelling cannibals, The Serial Killer Files holds a macabre fascination and takes readers into the heart of darkness. While best known for her chronicle of her friendship with Ted Bundy, Ann Rule has since positioned herself as the undisputed queen of true crime. But as the hunt for this stranger dragged on, a disturbing suspicion began to take hold of the detectives investigating the case: Did Downs shoot her own children?

The Boston Marathon Bombing and the ensuing manhunt made news around the world. Three people were dead and hundreds more were injured. Police eventually cornered the Tsarnaev brothers for the crime. Tamerlan, the older brother, died in the resulting shootout. Younger brother Dzhokhar escaped but was eventually apprehended.

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In , her bones were discovered on a beach. Her tragic episode serves as a microcosm for a larger story of betrayal, vengeance, and bitter conflict. In April of , Jo Ann Parks survived a house fire. Her three small children did not. What began as a tragedy quickly morphed into something else as investigators at the time found evidence indicating that Parks started the fires and even barricaded her four-year-old in a closet. She is currently serving life in prison.

However, advances in forensic science may show that the incontrovertible proof that convicted Parks was nothing more than shoddy guesswork that left an innocent mother condemned for a horrific crime that never took place. What originally started as a legal online prescription drug network quickly became a sprawling international criminal organization. There was one man at its center, Paul Le Roux. The Mastermind details the hunt to bring down the man who created an extraordinary and deadly internet cartel—a twenty-first-century crime unlike anything that had come before.

This Edgar Award winner takes readers into the fog-shrouded streets of East London alongside two adolescent brothers, Robert and Nattie Combes, on a seemingly normal holiday. Robert was quickly sentenced to Broadmoor, an infamous criminal asylum.

It is here that his unnerving story really begins. Odds are you have never heard of Israel Keyes. He is a quiet construction worker and devoted father. He is also one of the most calculating and ruthless serial killers in modern history. For over a decade, he would fly to a location, rent a car, grab his kit, and abduct and dispose of a victim in a matter of hours. He went undetected for much of that time. This is the story of how the FBI ultimately brought Keyes to justice. Reverend Willie Maxwell was accused of murdering five of his family members in the s. He was eventually acquitted, but shot dead by a relative at the funeral of one of his alleged victims.

That man was also eventually acquitted and defended by the same attorney who had represented Maxwell. Unbeknownst to anyone involved, Harper Lee was in the audience for the trial and spent the next several years working on the story—her own In Cold Blood. The Man in the Monster is a fascinating chronicle of unexpected friendship and remorse. Michael Ross raped and murdered eight women in the s. His six death sentences were eventually overturned, but he requested execution to save the families of his victims from another trial.

Martha Elliott, a journalist and death penalty critic, reached out to Ross and started having a weekly conversation with him until his eventual death. The result of those conversations is among the most intimate portraits of the mind of a killer. However, the sheriff soon set his sights on a mentally impaired white teenager who was later locked away in an asylum.

A journalist named Mabel Norris Reese was never comfortable with the outcome and she would eventually uncover a startling conspiracy that held an entire community silent. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created perhaps the most famous literary detective of all time in Sherlock Holmes. When a Jewish immigrant is convicted of the brutal murder of a wealthy woman with little-to-no evidence, Conan Doyle is compelled to step in and re-investigate the case.

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He employs the methods that made his literary creation famous and it developed into a page-turning, larger-than-life read. Keith fosters an enthusiastic appreciation for beer and scotch, collects comics, and most importantly is an avid reader and movie lover. Search for: Search Clear.

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