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Others still serve as a social allegory, underpinning the societal woes of a given place and time. This final category of story is where we will find the links between the worlds of fiction, and the coming horrors of reality. Ghosts, haunted castles, werewolves, malicious spirits, vampires, demons and the hordes of undead have all served as the allegory for societal issues. There are many notable works among the genre which are relevant, but we will focus on just a couple pieces before we delve into zombies and how that mythos applies to our world today.

If you have gone through English classes at university in the last century then you are familiar with the first introduction of Vampires to the literary scene. While the modern plot devices of vampiric eradication are not evident in this early work, the horror of a timeless being wrecking havoc on the peasants of the a rural countryside take root nicely.

Both of these issues ran rampant at a time where immigrants were still being assimilated from Ireland due to the Potato Famine of the 's, and the rise of women desiring a greater place in society. Moving on from the supernatural of the Gothic period, the next allegorical work we want to hit on is H.

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This story kicked off the humanity-vs-aliens genre of writing which is still immensely popular today, but hidden within all the death and turmoil of a hostile invading army is a deep message regarding humanity as a whole. No matter how far any one society develops, there is always a risk involved, and you can be sure that whenever there is an outside aggressor there will be a multitude of others willing to stand up to injustice.

Delivered during the height of The Great Depression after the devestaion of World War 1, and during the buildup to World War 2 it is easy to make these connections and see today how the message was ignored. Now that we have a small basis of allegorical understanding we can move onto the meat and potatos of todays message. Vox did a splendid writeup on the history of zombies and what they represent to American culture, so rather then rehashing everything we will simply link the article below for you to enjoy.

In short though, zombies represent our modern societal fears, just as alien invasions or vampires of the past did. The fear of the unknown, of change, of others, and what that really means for society as a whole.

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Great, so what does all of this have to do with climate change? Just as with the stories of the past, climate change represents the sum of all of our fears, but rather then being a supernatural, allegorical explanation for college students to stress about during finals week; it is a real life, in your face challenge which holds world altering repercussions if we fail to address it with a united front. Last month we wrote an article discussing the specifics of what needs to occur if humanity is going to come to grips with our changing world and come out favorably on the other side.

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