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Macalania Temple. Bevelle Temple. Spartacus - Read the guide walkthrough more thoroughly young padawan. This Guide is in order of completion. It also has the: Destruction Sphere treasures you referred too. I even included Anima walkthrough and a video along with it. As with all the other Temples. Spartacus 29 Nov, pm. Why would you put the temples in alphabetical order instead of order of completion? Also, you should probably mention that you need to get all destruction sphere treasures in order to unlock Anima.

Evja Thank you. Any questions you have, let me know, I'll do what I can to help. Evja 18 Jul, am. Great guide! The Dark Aeon Anima Thank you. If there's any questions you have, let me know. Bwonsamdi the Dead 9 May, am. Veronica 21 Aug, pm. So besaid and Kilika do work. Arnice I believe it's Killika Temple. When I got towards the end of the game, I found out about the hidden quests. I went back through all the Temples.

I obtained all the Destruction Spheres except for One Keep me updated on how things work out! And as always, if you have any questions, let me know. Gladly will help.

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So if you have any questions with that, let me know also lol. Veronica 21 Aug, am. Arnice Congratulations! It's always nice to see another FFX fan! Come on in and take a look!

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