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Fantastisch, aber da ist noch Luft nach oben! An dieser Stelle halte ch mir mal vor keine Inhaltsangabe zu schreiben. Auch Jon Schnee und Rob kommen nicht zu kurz. Neben Action und Erotik kommt auch Humor nicht zu kurz. Besonders die Abschnitt von Tyrion Lennister haben mich zum Schmunzeln gebracht. Und es ist relativ schwer, eine Zusammenfassung zu machen, ohne etwas zu verraten. Das fand ich sehr schade, denn ich habe mich sehr gefreut, es endlich zu lesen. Auf jeden Fall weiss George R. Martin, wie man eine Welt erschafft, in der viele Dinge gleichzeitig geschehen und bringt das auch gut an den Leser.

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Die Charaktere haben mir alle soweit gefallen - am Meisten mag ich Arya. Sie habe ich von Anfang an ins Herz geschlossen. Auch Tyrion mag ich ganz gerne - ich hoffe, noch viel von ihm zu lesen zu bekommen.

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Nichts Spezielles, aber okay. Alles in allem eine Fortsetzung, die ich okay fand, mich jedoch nicht richtig in ihren Bann ziehen konnte. Dennoch werde ich die Reihe auf jeden Fall weiter lesen. Demasiados cochichos para mim. View all 3 comments. Jan 23, Susana rated it it was amazing Shelves: fantasia , norte-americanos , emprestados. Third volume and I'm sold. I don't know if it's because I was reading wihtout any previous knowledge about the story, but I was completely hooked this time.

Sometimes I was so engrossed that I finished a chapter and I couldn't tell if it was morning or evening!

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The dialogues are just brilliant - and not only Tyrion's. Can't wait to put my hands on the next volume! It's a pity, though, that the portuguese translation is getting more flawed. But Martin's writing is way too good to be ruined by this. I've read some reviews complaining about this book being more descriptive, more focused on the characters' thoughts and with less action than the previous ones. I suspect that's one of the reasons I liked it best Herkese keyifli okumalar! Mar 19, Sofia Teixeira rated it it was amazing. A caminho da Muralha, acabam por ser atacados por homens da Rainha e os sobreviventes adivinham-se muito poucos.

Em Winterfell, Bran continua a sonhar. Os seus sonhos assustam-no e por vezes imagina-se mesmo na pele de um lobo. Martin consegue surpreender-nos de livro para livro nunca nos deixando insatisfeitos. View all 4 comments. Aug 15, Rita rated it really liked it. Jon Snow continua a sua demanda na descoberta dos Outros, sendo confrontado, juntamente com os seus companheiros, com algumas descobertas surpreendentes. Taking such circumstances into account, we can consider that by creating the costumes used by the singer in the movie, Alceu Penna has not only collaborated for the elaboration of the image of "Brazility" conveyed abroad, but also had an intuitive role in the consolidation of the politics of good neighborhood.

In the premiere of the movie Serenata Tropical , Carmen Miranda declares that "for the first time an authentic manifestation of the Brazilian popular soul, such as it is in reality, has been depicted on a Hollywood movie" TOTA, op. The end of the Second World War creates a world divided in two political-military blocks led by the United States on one side and the Soviet Union on the other.

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The effort of each block to increase areas of influence led to the bigger stimulus of the penetration of the North American Culture in the countries of Latin America, and, in special, in Brazil. The mass production of manufactured goods of domestic and personal use helped this process as well, but it would be in the cultural area that the American influence would increasingly spread over the country.

chapter books 2cooking that counts 1. . . Ebooks |

From the movies to rock'n'roll , young American idols would become reference and models for the young Brazilians. Hence, during the Second World War and in the subsequent years, we see in Brazil the substitution of European culture for the North American culture, with the substitution of French language as second language in the schools, which was the representation of what was cult in the nineteenth century and in the beginning of the twentieth century, by English.

When outlining a history of the intellectual Brazilian thought in relation to the United States since the nineteenth century, Thomas Skidmore concludes that. No matter what was their ideological tendency, there was a crucial question at stake: what was the scope for Brazil to create its own society and what role would the United States play in such creation? This is a question also addressed by Alceu Penna, as we have seen in his reflections on the relations between Brazilian and North American cultures. Alceu Penna and the peculiarities of "Brazilian fashion". It is impossible to forget the impact caused by his drawings: the colors, the movement and the liveness and the creativity.

The movement of the skirts and of the bodies of his Garotas or the brightness and the lively sensuality of his costumes for concerts and Carnaval. Alceu mixed, like few did, textures, brightness, ruffles and dreams. The illustrator's style followed and was ahead of many of the transformations that Brazil lived.

Ruy Castro Apart from this outside perspective, he also followed the construction of an image of Brazil in the United States, with the circulation of movies, cartoons, songs, in other words, a production that aimed to establish a Pan Americanism, because of the "politics of good neighborhood", but in reality only increased the cultural stereotypes of Brazil and other South American countries. It is noteworthy the fact that throughout this period his drawings would be defined by traces and forms characteristics, leaving aside the more straight traces and the geometrical figures - most likely influences of J.

Carlos - for illustrations marked by sensuality expressed through traces that make evident female forms such as a thin waist, outlines of hips and breasts, sumptuous lips, red cheeks and long eyelashes that shaped quite expressive eyes. Moreover, his texts and illustrations start to form his perception and his questioning of the possibilities of the existence of a "typical Brazilian" visuality in appearances.

Despite beginning with the adaptation of the foreign to the national in the field of clothing, it is from his critiques to this "mistaken Brazility" propagated by the Americans through the fashion shown in South American Way , thus the observation of what "we were not", that Alceu Penna would compose through text some of his most original reflections on what would be the Brazilian fashion The elaboration of a visuality or Brazilian style on fashion from the demarcation of a difference can be possibly explained based on the logic that characterized the culture of looks in Brazil in the nineteenth century until the s, according to which the distinction was based on the possibility of following international fashion.

Such line of thought was reinforced by the national textile and fabric industry, whose objective was to follow the line of and reach the quality standards of the French BONADIO, op. Considering this, it is not too much to say that, in the s, trend clothes with the "face" of Brazil would hardly be found in national stores or magazines. So, what would be left for the consumer who around the s looked for some typically national clothes? Carnaval costumes and folklore or "typical" clothing.

It is symptomatic that the costumes from Carnaval and, a little further, the clothes for June parties had a privileged space in the magazine O Cruzeiro. The creative freedom that was given to the illustrator during the Carnaval period allows him to "think" the country through the creation of costumes frequently sensuous and very colorful that represented a culturally "mixed" Brazil Schwarcz, , inspired in the stylized baianas of Carmen Miranda 18 , in the figure of the malandro and the sidewalk of Copacabana etc.

If we take into account that clothing and its visual-textual representations are instruments of communication that can subvert, or at least intervene on, a certain group or manner this group sees itself in relation to others CRANE, , and that such visuality initially proposed as a costume to Carnaval would be, from the s on, embodied in the Brazilian fashion, at least in its themes, we can consider the work of Alceu Penna, in the studied period, as a component part of the "project" of invention of a Brazilian identity proposed by the New State, namely one that was based on the appreciation of the popular-national - especially Samba and Carnaval - and the endeavor to use the folklore and regional as ways of making evident our "difference" in relation to the "other" Zuzu Angel e o campo do design.

O Cruzeiro e As Garotas. In: Cadernos Pagu, n o. Maria Thereza Rezende Costa. Rhodia S. A Queiroz Editor, , p.


Carmen: uma biografia. A moda e seu papel social. O "it" verde e amarelo de Carmen Miranda. Sob a verdade oficial : ideologia, propaganda e censura no Estado Novo. Que chita bacana. Jornalismo de moda, jornalismo feminino e a obra de Alceu Penna. In: Caligrama. Os bastidores de O Cruzeiro. Porto Alegre: Sulina, Vamos Garotas!

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Alceu Penna and the elaboration of a Brazilian style: fashion and costumes*

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