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Enrollment has grown to students, and a new building is under construction to accommodate more students. The Rilke Schule has forged strong community ties, with an active parent group, strong business partnerships, and connections to other schools at all levels. A wide variety of extracurricular activities are offered, and German classes are offered for parents in the evening.

It was founded in for students from the Bay Area Kinderstube's preschool program, whose parents wanted their children to maintain and enhance the German language skills they had acquired in preschool. The school has grown to over students enrolled in twelve classes in two locations.

Most students attend classes one afternoon per week, and many attend the summer programs. Classes are enriched by arts, crafts, music, and games as well as many extracurricular events and celebrations. Robinson Secondary School offers a strong, vibrant German program for middle and high school students. Three full-time teachers use communicative activities and thematic units to provide engaging instruction to the students enrolled in German classes.

A strong German honor society offers many engaging activities throughout the year, along with a service component of tutoring other students. The German program at Cheyenne Mountain Junior High School includes over seventh and eighth grade students, nearly all of whom continue with German in high school.

Students participate in cultural events including a weekly lunch Stammtisch and a popular Oktoberfest where parents help prepare and serve German food.

Germany’s New Far Right

Students communicate by email with students in two partner schools in Germany, continue their connections through Skype and other social media, and visit their German friends during a trip to Germany. The standards-based curriculum, carefully designed from beginning through AP levels, uses materials which are authentic, age-appropriate, and geared towards student interests. Students are involved in creative assignments at each level, which become part of their portfolios. Third-year students interview immigrants from a German-speaking country, forging strong community ties.

Parents are involved on many levels — as guest speakers, event organizers, and weekly volunteers in class. Outside the classroom, students participate in the German club, see German films, and take part in the Internationale Deutscholympiade and a GAPP exchange. Hempfield School District, a suburban and rural school district located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, supports a long-established German program.

The teachers collaborate on curriculum development using Understanding by Design, and incorporate differentiated instruction, technology, and student learning profiles. This carefully articulated sequence of instruction meets the needs of students from an exploratory program in the middle school through AP German. Curriculum-based assessments encourage students to demonstrate what they know and can do. Students enjoy many opportunities to explore German culture both within the community and through exchange programs.

German is now offered in three high schools and three middle schools, which are regarded by teachers and the district as one program taught in six locations. The German program has a unified curriculum with common assessments. Teachers share resources, collaborate weekly and jointly organize an exchange with a German school. Level four and five classes offer dual credit through the University of Missouri—Kansas City.

Level five students have the option to take the International Baccalaureate exam. German teachers in Upper Arlington have thoughtfully tailored a program to ensure success for all students. German is offered beginning in grade 6 in two middle schools and continues at the high school.

Students leave middle school with one high school credit, and may continue their study of German for an additional four years, culminating in both AP and IB courses at level 5. Students also have the opportunity to earn college credit while in the high school. The district has implemented a proficiency-based program, in which students demonstrate their competencies before progressing to the next level of instruction. Exchange opportunities, available at the middle schools and high school, further connect students with the German language and culture.

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The three middle schools average about 1, students per school and the high school is the largest in Indiana with about 4, students. Students begin German in grade 6 at age 11, finish at the high school at age There are three middle schools which feed into one high school. German is taught at all four schools.

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Timpview High School is a public school, grades with students. German 1 through 5 are offered as well as a GAPP exchange.

The German teacher at Timpview High School has been teaching there since The German class enrollment has increased every year up to in All classes have between 34 and 37 students in them with classroom capacity at 36 students. The Arlington Public Schools German program is a public school program that ranges from grades 6 to 12 and from ages 11 6th graders to 21 students in the HILT program who are recent migrants to the U.

This way, German can be offered even at schools with low enrollment. This system has been in place for 16 years. Two German teachers deliver live, interactive classes using distance learning technology. Students and teachers have the sense that they are all in one large room, when, in fact, they are up to five miles apart. Paul, MN. This vibrant, growing, and tuition-free K-8 charter immersion school is located in the heart of St. Frank war schon immer sowohl an der Wirtschaft als auch an zukunftsweisenden Technologien interessiert. Zudem war es ihm auch immer ein Anliegen anderen zu helfen.

Strategische und finanzielle Investments in Startups sind mit Blick auf das unterschiedliche Vorwissen und Interessenlage im Rahmen der Verhandlungen immer eine besondere Herausforderung, die aber auch den Reiz ausmacht. Einer von ihnen mit Schwerpunkt auf den sozialen Auswirkungen im Bildungsbereich. Deshalb habe ich meine sichere Firmenkarriere verlassen und meine eigenen Unternehmungen gestartet. Bleib konzentriert, sei realistisch und bleib geduldig. Furthermore, I support high tech and digital startups with their go2market.

Also, I initiated 2 own startups. One of them with focus on social impact in the field of education. I want to help other enterprises — and most importantly — the people of companies of all sizes: From large corporates to early startups. I enjoy different challenges and want to get the necessary change done. What are the biggest challenges of your job? The main challenge is to stay focused and not get involved in too many different innovation activities.

There are just too many great opportunities to support corporates and people out there… J.

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What single aspect would you love to announce to any founder? Stay focus and be realistic. Be patient and endure. How do you think about startup scene ruhr area? Lots of good activities are already up and running. Volker Wetzstein studied business administration in Mannheim and Santiago de Chile, specialising in international management, business taxation and tax law.

From he worked for PwC in Frankfurt in the International Corporate Taxation department, advising mainly sales and service companies of large Korean groups. Tax consulting and auditing have been practically put into my cradle, and through sport I have learned to give something more and never give up — and sport also gives me the balance from everyday office life.

On the one hand, to show that PwC is not only able to advise large corporations and, on the other hand, that a sensible tax set-up is also indispensable for founders and start-ups — especially when it comes to growth and internationalisation. Get as much feedback as possible as early as possible on your idea from outside — from family and friends, but also from potential investors in the context of pitch events. If you fail — fail fast and start over. During his several years as a research assistant at the Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT, he gained experience in the field of energy storage in publicly funded and industrial projects.

Since September he has been founder and managing director of Volterion GmbH, which produces and sells redox flow batteries for decentralized energy storage. Volterion GmbH, based in Dortmund, currently has 15 employees. In the year Seipp was selected by the magazine Capital under the Top 40 under 40 in the range economics. Time management and prioritization.

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In your opinion what is the crucial factor for a successful startup an why? A good team, both among the founders and later among all employees. The challenges of a start-up cannot be mastered on your own. Start-up is not a sprint, but a marathon.

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  4. How do you thing about startup scene ruhr area? What is your personal will for ruhr area? Networker, originally started as an insurance broker in private health insurance, I found my way to founders in the startup scene in via corporate customer consulting at TK. Consulting in the start-up and growth phase for young entrepreneurs. My motivation is curiosity and finding solutions.

    What challenges do I face, what contacts do I need, where is my idea going?

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    Through my unusual approaches I have gone the way from private to statutory health insurance. Today I support entrepreneurs in understanding the social security system, identifying risks and exploiting opportunities.

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    New paths emerge as you walk. There are many ways to get involved, but which are the right ones? Topics such as health insurance and social security, but also the calculation of ancillary wage costs or labour law are extremely important for all entrepreneurs, but there is often little time available for them. A good mix must be found.